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With a craft as intriguing as blacksmithing it is no wonder that people are curious to have a go!

Although it might seem like a trade for only big and strong man,

it is actually a fine art, that almost anyone can have a go and explore their capabilities.

Beating metal into shapes and forming it by hand is not a question of strength but of the right technique!

Welding is no magic, but knowledge and practice to hone a skill!

I am very happy to offer lessons in a variety of metalworking skills to almost anyone,

Traditional Forging, Artistic Metalwork, Knife & Tool Making, MIG Welding, TIG Welding and Metallurgy.

Courses are not available at the moment!

For more information about blacksmiths in Cornwall visit



Curtain Rails

Basket Brackets



The giveaway is in the name!

We use traditional tools and techniques to create something of your liking in a way that could have been done centuries ago.

It is an awesome way to learn what knowledge and skill there has been long time ago

and it makes you appreciate the work of blacksmiths that surrounds us, often underestimated.

We are using the coal and gas forge and I will guide you through the process of a couple of simple items to get started and then we decide together what will be next.



Your own Projects

Wall Art

Garden sculptures

To create something with your own hands is something magical!

The freedom that comes from working with metal amazes me every time I try something new.

There are no rules in Art and one can do anything, from expressing feelings to building a functional necessity or developing a new technique by chance.

It is as easy as "having a go" to create something that will leave you with an impression for live.






Welders do it in all positions!

No matter if you are an absolute beginner and never had anything to do with welding or if you "lay down beads" every day, if there is something you are unsure of and want an explanation, have a guided try to get some reinsurance for your DIY projects, try a new position or just want to have a go to see what that stuff is all about.

I am happy to arrange a day that suits your needs.



Stainless Steel

Brass, Bronze


TIG welding is a fine art to Master!

It takes more than just a steady hand to "stack dimes" the way you see on Instagram.

The right set up is necessary and a few very important details make it so much easier to create the perfect fusion.

It is amazing how clean and fine you can work with this technique!


Alloy compositions

Reusable Materials

Blade Steels

Heat Treatment

Have you ever wondered what wrought iron is?

What does steel mean and how do we choose what kind to use?

We developed so many different materials that it has become very confusing to decide which is best for a certain application.

This course can be very useful for anyone who is having a project of their own and wants to know more about all the alloys and compositions of metals available.

We will go through a bit of history from the beginning of the bronze age and then look up why modern materials are so diverse and how to select one for your application.

All the details




Courses are available weekdays from 10am to 4pm, with the occasional weekend opportunity, please get in touch for the next available date.

Dates can be flexible to suit your needs.

You will need to bring appropriate non flammable clothing and footwear, no open toed shoes.

I provide all tools and safety equipment, if you have your own you are welcome to bring them.

We will stop for lunch, which is not provided, drinks and snacks are available throughout the day.

All materials are included and you take home what you make, except if you have a private project to work on.

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